Tinder Pouch Starter set for standard ‘Flint & metal’ flame Steels (85-4120)

Tinder Pouch Starter set for standard ‘Flint & metal’ flame Steels (85-4120)

Tinder Pouch Beginning Equipment

The right musical accompaniment for one’s Flint & metal flame Striker.

You could build your ideal flames metallic into one traditional flames lighting fixtures Kit with the addition of a Tinder Pouch basic sets your purchase? This starter gear have exactly what you will need to beginning developing fires the way our very own forefathers performed for over 2,000 ages. This simple Tinder pocket newbie gear consists of anything that you might need to turn your own flames Steel into a typical Tinder pocket. It arrives with an easy, all-natural hessian, ‘Beaver Bushcraft’ drawstring bag, some items non binary pansexual dating apps of Norfolk Flint, a sample of organic Amadou Tinder, plus some Char material enclosed in a tiny plastic purse for protection (temp replaced with Amadou Down). We’ve also put some Jute line and some Sulphur spots, everything you need to start upon your own journey of standard flame lighting effects. You should be aware that no flame Steels are included inside Tinder bag basic gear. Any Fire Steels seen in the footage are actually for display merely. The set contains gear as discribed through the list.

  • 100 % Free UNITED KINGDOM Delivery
  • Hessian Drawstring Pouch
  • Natural Hand Knapped Flint Shard
  • Natural Amadou Down
  • Natural Amadou Bit
  • Hand Cut Sulphur Match Spills
  • Natural Jute Tinder
  • All Example Shape

Hessian Drawstring Pouch

The cotton fiber Drawstring pocket is made from pure natural cotton and with all of our Beaver Bushcraft icon using one side. อ่านเพิ่มเติม